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Rethink your relationship with portraiture

relax. connect. Shine.


images that speak deeply to who you are.

I am passionate about illuminating your true essence through my work as a portrait photographer.

Please take a look around and do not hesitate to contact me with any questions. I will work to customize the experience to your needs.


Margie changed my picture life! She made me feel so comfortable and she made me laugh and feel beautiful. The photos are incredible, and I’m so grateful for her. Working with Margie took all the fear out and was actually fun!! I can’t recommend working with Margie enough! She’ll put you at ease and get the best pictures of you ever!
— Sheridan Semple, Aspen, CO

What is a sacred portrait session all about?

Hiring me to take your portraits goes way beyond a traditional photo shoot. I believe that photography and the relationship that we co-create when you decide to work with me, is the perfect alchemical recipe to support your light and strength to shine through. I specialize in capturing the power, magic and beauty of wherever you are in your life’s journey. This could be anything from a personal transformation or milestone to becoming the CEO of a big corporation, to opening your new business. Whatever your needs, my commitment to you is to ensure that our experience together makes you feel seen, understood and beautiful. You will walk away with more images than you can imagine that reflect the full spectrum of YOU!

Where do you Shoot?

My sessions are all natural light and shot on location. We will agree on location(s) that suit your individual needs. Whether you need professional headshots, branding photos for your website or personal portraits, I will find the perfect location to reflect YOU. Your location could be anywhere from a magical beachscape to a sailboat, to a funky urban alley to a five star hotel

What if i have never done this before?

Your session is unique to you and your needs, and my main goal is to help you to feel relaxed, comfortable, and 100% YOU in front of the camera. Even if you hate having your picture taken, I promise, this experience will gently change that! I always say to my clients when they tell me that they hate having their picture taken:

“I specialize in people like you!”

..I really do!!

 All you need to do is show up with a willingness to step into this adventure with me!

Working with Margie is truly a delightful experience! Margie is the consummate professional- thoughtful and reliable. She is also an amazingly talented artist. Her photos always tell a particular story...even if they are a simple headshot, there is a freshness to her work that really sets her apart. I would recommend Margie to anyone for any occasion!

-Becky Strahan

Margie is a jewel who captures pure beauty with her camera.  I've never seen someone so able to capture essence with a camera and when you meet her and see the sparkle in her eye, you can FEEL she knows that spark within you that lies beneath the surface.  I grew up feeling as though I looked "weird" and while my mom always told me I was beautiful, I never believed her.  After spending time with Margie, I felt comfortable enough to smile, laugh, frown and make funny faces while she shot away.  I never felt like I was being photographed... it was more like a supportive exploration of who I am.  When I got the images back, I was overwhelmed that someone could show me an image of the beauty and love I found within myself.  Thank you, Margie, for sharing your gift with us.

–Trina Hall

(the Photographer)

Photography is in my veins, from my early years in the dark room or out in the Hawaiian landscape with my photographer dad, to a lifetime of documenting every facet of my own life, to now running a portrait photography business in Venice, CA. Not only has photography always been a huge part of my life, but it also provides an opportunity for me to do what I love the most which is to connect with people.

I am so honored when someone chooses me to take their portrait. My life is enriched every time, because with each click of my shutter, I get to share in their amazing energy, beautiful spirits and most of all their LOVE! For me photography is a way to reflect people's inner beauty back at them. It is a way to document the magic that is love and make it tangible for the world to see.

I am based in Los Angeles, but i often travel to PHOTOGRAPH women all around the world !


The Process

I will walk you through the entire process, starting with our complimentary 30 minute consultation call. I will get to know you and your needs, and then from there, I will find location(s), help you to prepare, choose clothes, decide on hair and makeup options, and anything else you might need. On the day of the shoot, all you need to do is show up with your clothes and a willingness to step into this adventure with me! I will gently guide you and help you to get comfortable in front of my camera. I’ve got you!

Here is a sampling of recent adventures with my wonderful clients.

An experience like nothing else
— Reina

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I did a personal branding session with Margie, and had a delightful time doing so. I'm a person who normally doesn't really like being photographed, but Margie put me very much at ease with her down to earth way of interacting. It felt like a collaboration, as we both shared ideas and bounced off of one another. I got multiple wonderful images: headshots and full body shots, in outdoor and urban settings. She captured my essence & made me feel and look great. Total professional.

Christine Schiele

We love Margie Woods! Margie possesses much more than just photographic talent. She has an innate ability of capturing her subjects essence . Margie is a true gem to work with. The atmosphere she creates is stress free and comfortable. Working with children is no small feat but Margie navigates this task with ease. My children ask when Margie is coming back to take their pictures! We are thrilled to have found such a wonderfully talented photographer.

-Nicole Dixon


Margie Woods is a natural! She is easy to work with by coming to you and creating an easy atmosphere. She is creative with her photography by finding interesting visually artistic viewpoints. She has an uncanny ability to find that special light within and she captures it through the eyes of her subjects in that moment of time.

Rene’ Hawthorne


I have worked with Margie many times and have always LOVE my experience. I have used Margie for business, covering a conference that my company holds as well as personal, taking my professional head shot and family photos. I don't know how she does it, but she ALWAYS captures the persons personality in her pictures. In my profession, I have worked with many professional photographers and Margie really is top notch. She provides the most beautiful work all while being very pleasant and professional. She is brilliant and creative with her work and thinks outside of the box of "typical". She also is fast with her turn around time. I HIGHLY recommend booking Margie.

Melissa Papaleo



I was lucky enough to find Margie for my new business pictures for my company, Margie was amazing! She managed to capture the real me better than any photographer ever has. She was a joy to work with, great at communication and we just had a great time! I will hire her the next time I need new business photographs, and would recommend her to anyone needing to create a visual story of them and their business.

Andrea Travillian

Margie has a way of putting you at ease, making you feel comfortable and relaxed, and allowing you be yourself. There is no "posing" involved beyond some helpful suggestions of what might make for a good photograph (setting, lighting, etc) and she does a wonderful job of talking you through the process and keeping things fun and light. It doesn't feel like a photo shoot at all. My favorite thing about her photography is how she is able to capture that moment when you let your guard down and gets that shot of the REAL you coming through. Her technical skills combined with her personal warmth, honesty and love for what she does comes through in her photographs.

Jaye Brown


Margie was able to bring to light the individual personalities of our family members. They were natural and in the moment. It was unbelievable how she captured candid sparks of love, sheer joy and the realness of just being an ordinary family.I am truly blessed to know this great photographer and love her charismatic personality blended with her intrinsic and artistic abilities in photography. She truly creates, blends and transforms a memorable moment into a lifetime memory. We are most grateful for the amazing results and highly recommend Margie Woods for any photographic needs.

Sydney Stevens


Wow! The photos are great! My friends who have seen them have said" she really captured your essence"... Thanks again Margie...

Gay Phinny


Working with Margie is truly a delightful experience! Margie is the consummate professional- thoughtful and reliable. She is also an amazingly talented artist. Her photos always tell a particular story...even if they are a simple headshot, there is a freshness to her work that really sets her apart. I would recommend Margie to anyone for any occasion!

Becky Strahan


Margie is an amazing photographer! She's done head shots for me, maternity shots, newborn pics, family shots and our one year photo shoot for our son. We highly recommend her. She's so fun and sweet and really gets to know you as an individual and as a family, and that really shines through in the portraits. Her flexibility and willingness to get creative really produced some lifelong memories that are now hanging in our house! You can't go wrong with Margie!

Ashley Hesseltine


I absolutely love my photos! I worked with Margie to photograph personal branding headshots for me. My goal was to use them for both personal and professional purposes. Goal accomplished! Margie made me feel so comfortable, and as a result, the shots turned out fantastic. She pulled so many aspects of my personality through the photos. ... and I was amazed at the depth of the colors and artistry of the shots. So very well done! Thank you!

Kirstie Johnson