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My experience in Margie's workshops:

Embodied joy morphing into deep insights.
Art as process aiding my instinctual nature.
Weaving a new landscape while dancing with my soul.
Deep peacefulness as a by product of being in the Language of the Soul Studio.
An ability to step back and finally see myself as others see me.
Rocking and rolling of the soul.
Profound permission to "know". 

-Madeline Udashen

Since I’ve started taking Language of the Soul’s workshops, my life has transformed. Having gone through 3 of the major life transitions during this time, (move/death/job loss) I had a sacred space to go to and create. It was during this time that I realized art REALLY does heal!
If you’re fortunate enough to spend one day, or one workshop with the beautiful energy that Margie Woods exemplifies, your life will take on new meaning just as mine did. I owe my passion and inspiration for creativity to her, and her exceptional guidance.

-Joanie Stallo