Morning Practice

This morning I was feeling completely off. I am sick, and have been cooped up in my house for days (on top of the months prior to this from my injury). My dogs are cooped up. We are driving each other insane over here. Before the insanity set in, I made a list in my writing journal of the practices I want to make sure I do every day (I was inspired to do this after listening to a great podcast  on the topic by Todd Henry of The Accidental Creative).  One of them is to do a morning art practice in my art journal The goal is to sit down to create for at least 30 minutes after I write my morning pages (thank you Julia Cameron), and before I look at the phone, computer or food. This sounded so great when I was writing it, but then within the 5 minutes between putting my writing down and wandering into the kitchen, I totally lost sight of it. I got swept up in being annoyed with the dogs, the heat, my sickness, I could go on and on. It was not a stellar moment for me. Then it caught my art table. It just sits there, patiently....quietly beckoning me. I heeded the invitation and sat down. And thank GOD! I feel so much better now.

I decided to chronicle the evolution of this spread. All of my frustration, anger, sadness and chaotic thinking went into these pages. Needless to say I felt clear and open when it was finished. I have no idea how many times this has happened to me, or how many more it will take for me to remember that doing this practice every day makes me feel centered and grounded and able to handle whatever comes my way. I will keep reminding myself, as I hope we all will. The creative practice is such a gift....if we let it be. Here is to letting it infuse our lives with its magic!!