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Photography is in my veins, from my early years in the dark room or out in the Hawaiian landscape with my photographer dad, to a lifetime of documenting every facet of my own life, to now running a portrait photography business in Venice, CA. Not only has photography always been a huge part of my life, but it also provides an opportunity for me to do what I love the most which is to connect with people.

I am so honored when someone chooses me to take their portrait or document their wedding or event. My life is enriched every time, because with each click of my shutter, I get to share in their amazing energy, beautiful spirits and most of all their LOVE! For me photography is a way to reflect people's inner beauty back at them. It is a way to document the magic that is love and make it tangible for the world to see.

I am based in Los Angeles, but will travel the world to document the magic of your special moments!


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The Process

The reason I love what I do is because of my clients! Connecting with my clients and capturing their true spirit and beauty is my desire and goal for each session. One of my favorite moments of the whole experience is  seeing the delight on my clients'  faces or maybe even a tear in their eye when they take a first look at their images. It is in those moments that I know I have been successful in reflecting their true essence right back at them, and to me that is what photography is all about.

Each session is as unique as the lovely people that walk through my studio door. I treat each one, from our 1st meeting to the delivery of images, as a new and sacred adventure.  Here is a sampling of recent adventures with my wonderful clients.