Traveling Picture Show Comapny. A Branding Session in Hollywood.

The Traveling Picture Show Company is a director-driven commercial production company, inspired by the traveling motion picture and entertainment acts of the early 20th Century to bring creativity, mobility and flexibility to markets big and small around the globe.  They are dedicated to cutting edge commercial, television, film, interactive and digital media production with a time-tested emphasis on putting their clients first. Founded in 2011 and headquartered in Los Angeles, CA, TPSC has quickly built a reputation for creating visually driven stories for marketing and brand identity, all in a collaborative environment. They are creative problem solvers who let their directors take the lead with clients, bringing their combined vision and focus to each and every project. I have the privilege of knowing all these creative humans pretty well. One of their directors/cinematographers is my super talented and handsome big brother, Chris Woods! They were kind enough to hire me to do some head shots. Being in their space is enough to make anyone feel inspired and creative! I love being able to do branding sessions like this.