Sailing Portraits

Most of you know that I am an avid sailor and that I share my experiences on my sailing blog, Sacred Horizons. One of my passions is also sharing other sailors' stories. I have been doing a series of interviews featuring my mentors and sailors whom I admire. Part of that process for me is photographing them in their element.....aboard their vessels. That got me thinking that perhaps more people would be interested in having their portraits taken aboard their boats. My goal in capturing these portraits on the water and in the marina is to give a sense of the relationship between the sailor and their vessel, as well as to illustrate what a "day in the life" of this relationship looks like. This can include action shots and a reflection of simple life living aboard.

If you or anyone you may know might be interested in documenting their relationship with their beloved boat (sail or power), please let me know. Mention this blog post and get 25% off your 1st session.