The Wizard Otherwise Known as Steph Grant

Steph Grant serendipitously arrived in my lifeabout 3 years ago. I had no idea what I was in for at that time, but I knew it was something big. I was more than right about that! Since then we have been business partners, colleagues and most importantly, have grown to be dear friends. To say that Steph's positive nature and lovely smile are contagious would be an understatement. Steph's energy and enthusiasm for lifeis like the best kind of plague (sorry Steph, but it kind of IS like a plague) you can imagine.  In fact she has become kind of an institution if you ask me. I witness her positive and inspiring effect on countless people every time I work with her or even read her Facebook threads from afar. People flock to her with the hope that even an ounce of the loving good natured energy she inspires will rub off on them. Steph turns even the most mundane things into the most exciting adventure you can imagine. Driving along the highway with her after shooting for 10 hours becomes a karaoke singalong, editing photos on the floor of a dirty conference room after 13 hours of shooting turns into the production of a silly music video (I am sure this will surface one day), having a meal with her evolves into "the question game", after which you have no secrets and are usually in a puddle of laughter and tears. Steph is also extremely deep and loves very hard. A dinner can just as easily turn into a deep conversation about love, loss and life lessons, in which one of us usually ends up in tears and we share a huge hug to absorb it all. Steph has reminded me of parts of myself that I thought I had lost. Carefree, whimsical parts that got sucked up by painful learning experiences resulting in being too grown up and serious. Just by her very existence she reminds me to lighten up and enjoy each moment as if it were the most glorious ever...which of course it is.

Then there is her talent. Please do yourself a favor and look at her amazing work HERE. She is one of the most talented artists and photographers I know. She is really the only one I will ever ask to photograph me anymore , because she GETS me every time. She pulls out the joy and lightness that is in there and makes it visible in each image. She is an artist. She is a visionary, and each presentation of her art is beautifully thought out and executed. I call her a wizard, because she is one. I call her a best friend because she blesses my life with inspiration, love, joy and beauty. I love you Steph!

We wandered around Venice CA and photographed each other (you can imagine the shenanigans of it all). Here she is in all of her glory.

Head Shots for Andrea. Owner of Take a Smart Step

Andrea started Take A Smart Step in 2007, to (in her words)," to educate people about money and to help them make the world a better place". She is smart, funny and compassionate and I loved working with her. Our portrait session was so much fun, and reminded me once again why I love what I do. Getting to connect with entrepreneurs like Andrea is so inspiring!

This is JULE!

I love this woman! She is a bright and shining example of living your truth and being fully in your body! She is a psychotherapist and an can check out her website HERE. She is also an amazing teacher and now trainer of the NIA technique, which is a sensory-based movement practice that draws from martial arts, dance arts and healing arts. It empowers people of all shapes and sizes by connecting the body, mind, emotions and spirit. Jule will inspire you to move and shake and relate to yourself in a whole new way. She teaches classes at Move Studio in Dallas and does NIA trainings worldwide. I am so blessed to have her as a friend and fellow traveler on this amazing creative journey oflife! We did a head shot session in my studio with lights and the whole shebang. I don't normally do this, but she needed some specific images, so we went for it. I of course had to have fun with the whole thing given that shooting with lightsmakes me feel all boxed in and freaked out. I made sure to sneak some great shots of her laughing and being silly in between our "serious" shots! She is a beautiful soul! see what I mean............

Summer Brand Camp Executive Portraits. Dallas Head Shots.

My colleague and dear friend Steph Grant and I had the chance to shoot an amazing conference last year. Summer Brand Camp is unlike any corporate conference I have ever shot. It is fun, casual and highly inspiring. It is a perfect place to meet all of the stars of the food service industry as they network and inspire each other to grow and learn. It was so fun to get to know all of these amazing people when I shot their branding sessions and head shots. I am so excited to be able to offer the same againfor the attendees again this year. These are a few of my shots from last year's conference. I cannot wait to see all of these smiling faces again in June!

The Outstanding Ty Sullivan! Head Shots and branding session in Dallas.

Ty Sullivan is the Director of Marketing and Social Media for one of New York City’s top restaurant management groups. He also speaks, teaches and designs Customer Service seminars as well as blogs on the subject.. He can be found on Twitter as part of the #CustServ Group. Ty was voted #2 Most Influential Person in Customer Service in 2011. I got to meet Ty at Summer Brand Camp last year, and since then he inspires and motivates me every day through his amazing Facebook and blog posts. He is a stellar human being reminding us all of the difference we can make every day! I am so glad to know Ty and cannot wait to see him again!