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Headshots for a Business Badass!

Marcy and I met in the sailing community. I love getting to know my sailing sisters off the water, so of course I was thrilled when Marcy hired me to shoot some headshots for her. She is the founder of Wire Media, a business that creates visual storytelling to help non-profits and schools create impact in the world. Marcy and I also share a history of being both visual and martial artists. I am so grateful for these connections, and as always am in awe of my beautiful and strong clients!

A Beautiful Portrait Session in Marina Del Rey

Stacy and I know each other through the sailing community, and I was very excited that she wanted to hire me for a portrait session. I am getting to know this wonderful woman, and as I do, I am inspired by her ways. She has a clear, kind and thoughtful communication style that sets me at ease, and her authenticity shines thorough and through! I love when my friends become clients and my clients become friends! I am so grateful for these connections!

Krystyna :: A Dallas Portrait Session

Krystyna is a lifelong entrepreneur and a deeply creative soul. She has had many different adventures in her career, and currently is the steward of a wonderful ranch in Texas. It turns out she and I are kindred spirits, which, of course, our friend Madeline knew when she introduced us and suggested we work together. We are both nature girls, adventurers and sailors, with a drive to do everything outside the box! I didn’t have nearly enough time to talk with her, but i am sure that our paths will cross again. She is a true inspiration!

Dallas Portrait Sessions :: Taylor Seideman

Taylor is a kids yoga teacher. She is passionate about making yoga and mindfulness practice accessible to kids. She connects organizations with yoga teachers so that their kids can have this opportunity. Her organization, Yogees holds this mission at its core. She is a hoot to spend time with and has a laugh that reverberates in my heart still! I was so happy to meet her and get to capture some portraits for her on my recent trip to Dallas.

Beautiful Erin :: A Personal Branding Portrait Session

I loved working with Erin, because she was so willing to show up and be seen. No matter where we adventured or what I asked her to do, she was gung ho, and so open. Her sparkly eyes and infectious smile kept me feeling so inspired and joyful. Working with Erin was a true pleasure! I was so honored that she asked me to capture some portraits for her at this powerful time of her life!

Lovely Jessica :: A Portrait Session in Marina Del Rey

Jessica Headey-Gandolfi is a writer. She is currently publishing a children’s book, and has a fantastic blog. I met Jessica, because she and my dear friend Teresa (who I have also had the pleasure of photographing), invited me to be a guest on their podcast, Hiking in Heals. I instantly felt drawn to her bright and charismatic personality, and was thrilled that she hired me to do a personal branding portrait session. We had the most beautiful experience laughing and traipsing around Marina Del Rey for our session! One of the things I love the most about working with women like Jessica, is the life-long friendships that are formed. I ams o grateful!

A Personal Branding Portrait Session in Venice with Tabby Biddle. Part 2

I have been having so much fun working with Tabby to create a new body of portraits for her personal branding and social media needs. Our first shoot was shot in a corporate environment and was all about capturing her professional speaker, business-woman vibe. The goal of our second session was to evoke and capture Tabby’s inner Goddess. Tabby’s life’s work is about empowering women to be more visible in the world. She does this in many ways, and in all avenues of her work, she is a force to be reckoned with. I have had the blessed opportunity to work with Tabby as a student in her Women on The TEDx Stage class and as a client in her Find Your Voice leadership coaching program. I cannot recommend working with her enough. She is a perfect blend of entrepreneurial powerhouse and nurturing teacher. She will tenderly yet firmly hold you accountable and push you to be the best version of yourself. I know that is what she did for me, and miracles happened! I am honored to be a part of Tabby’s life, and to have the privilege to work with her in all of these capacities. The biggest honor of them all has been getting to capture her divine essence through portraits. She is a light!

A Personal Branding Portrait Session in Marina Del Rey

Sarah wanted a variety of images to serve multiple purposes from business to personal. We started with some more conservative business headshots, and then ended our 2 hour session with fun personal portraits. Sarah was the best sport, and we had a blast together finding cool spots to shoot in Marina Del Rey! She ended up with so many wonderful and varied images for her to choose from (I told her she should be a model)! Here are a few of my faves from the day.

Trina Hall :: A Sacred Portrait Session Honoring Her 40th Birthday!

I am so honored that Trina trusted me to do a sacred portrait session honoring her 40th birthday. Trina admitted to me that she has been feeling insecure lately, and that the thought of having her photo take was making her feel really uncomfortable. We spent a lot of time talking about her feelings, and what she wanted to feel when she looked at her images. She wanted to feel seen and understood, and she wanted to be able to see her own beauty in a new way. She wanted to be able to see and honor herself exactly where she is. Our session was pure magic! The trust that she placed in me inspired me to treat each moment with reverence and care. I always do this, but somehow it felt more tender this time because if what she shared with me before our portrait session. As our session progressed, I could see and feel Trina settling into the radiant light and beauty that the rest of us see all the time. She embodied her power and all of the facets of her beautiful self. I am so grateful for my work because I get to connect deeply with women who want to embody their power and beauty in new ways all the time. What a blessing! Thank you Trina for trusting me!

Tabby Biddle :: A Personal Branding Session in Santa Monica

I honestly don’t even know where to begin with the amazing experience of working with Tabby. She is not only my business coach, but I have participated in her wonderful Women on The TEDx Stage class twice! She is a force to be reckoned with and wields her wisdom, grace and strength as magical superpowers as she empowers women to stand up and find their voice! She is also one of the creators of 50 Women Can , a leadership program for women focusing on gender parity in Hollywood.

I could go on and on about her accolades, but what I love most about Tabby is her peaceful confidence, and the way that she can instill the same in anyone around her. She can fill a room with her light, and in doing so she lifts other women up into their own light. She is so inspiring to me and so many others! When she asked me to work with her to capture some images to support her mission, I was so honored. In this session, we focused on the side of Tabby that is a business coach, speaker and leader. Stay tuned for the second session which will capture a whole other side of this luminous woman. I love personal branding portrait sessions like this, because we can co-create an experience that captures every nuance needed to support a woman and her unique brand or goal!

I am so grateful for Tabby, and for the work we do together, and most especially for our blossoming friendship! Thank you Tabby!

Lovely Teresa! A Personal Branding Portrait Session in Malibu

Meet Teresa Coltrin of Let Go Live Coaching!! When I first met Teresa, I knew we were meant to be in each other’s lives! She is a radiant light, who bestows healing just by being in her presence! She is committed to help people overcome their inner critic, and does so with people of many backgrounds and experiences with gentle and confident guidance. She is a young woman who is wise beyond her years and uses her own healing journey as a way to support others. She always blows me away with her deep loving presence, and inner strength. Teresa needed some personal branding portraits for her website and marketing materials, and I was so excited to get to spend a half day with her in her beautiful live/work space in Pacific Palisades, CA shooting and getting to know each other!

Samantha Mehra :: A Sacred Portrait Session

I had the true honor of spending my morning taking portraits of this radiant being! I have known Sami Mehra for years as she is one of my favorite yoga teachers of all time. She is a true peaceful warrior. She has brought me so much peace, solace and growth over those years on my "prayer mat" (as she calls our yoga mats). I am so honored that she wanted me to \ capture some portraits of her luminous self!

A Personal Branding Portrait Session in The Woods of Aspen, CO

I had the best morning hiking around in nature with Sheridan Semple of Aspen Holistic Health. I am lucky enough to have known Sheridan for 25 years. Over that time I have witnessed her find her way into her true calling. She is a Holistic Health Practitioner, Nutritionist and Clinical Aromatherapist and most of all, is passionate about educating people on how to heal themselves. She has helped me with some challenging health issues and I highly recommend her services!!! She can work in person or remotely!!!! Here she is communing with nature and shining her beautiful light!

A Personal Branding Portrait Session celebrating Lily Wilson's album release!

Lily is a talented singer, songwriter whom I have had the pleasure of knowing for many years. We never get to spend quite enough time together, so needless to say I was thrilled to be able to spend an afternoon with her capturing some images for her new EP that is due out any time now! Her beautiful voice matches her luminous presence.

Sacred Portrait Sessions :: Los Angeles

I have been photographing Pearl since she was a wee one who knew she would be an actor. I have written about her determination and grit before, and now at age 16, it is starting to really pay off. She just landed her first big movie, and I could not be more proud!! I was so excited that she and her dedicated mo wanted to do a session with me to commemorate her latest leap onto the big screen!

Courtney Pinkerton of Bird in Hand :: A Personal Branding Portrait Session in Granada Nicaragua

As I was perusing Instagram one day, a comment popped up on a photo I posted : “Margie, would you ever be interested in coming to Nicaragua to do a photo shoot for me”? Hmmmmm, let me think about that for a while (not really!!)…… I am not sure my fingers have ever flown so quickly across my keyboard as I answered a hearty and resounding YES! It was my dream job: a personal branding session, with a creative entrepreneur…AND it was in Central America, where I have not been in many years, but have always loved deeply.

Courtney Pinkerton and I met online a few years ago when we were both enrolled in Marie Forleo’s B School. Until I pulled up to her Nicaragua home on a rainy night, we had never actually met in person. Courtney is a Martha Beck certified life coach, and the founder of Bird in Hand Coaching. She is also the author of the soon to be published book, The Flourish Formula, dedicated to over achievers who need help slowing down while still staying productive. As a complement to all of that, she leads luscious and supportive retreats for women, the next one being in Nicaragua in October.

Courtney needed some new images for her book, social media, as well as for her website. She wanted to capture the essence of her life as an entrepreneur living abroad.  Of course this entire scenario was right up my alley, not to mention that the color pallet of Granada, and her peaceful life with her family there was a perfect backdrop for us to achieve this. I was invited into her luscious world, and got to have a glimpse into her beautiful and rich life as we photographed in all of the places that she frequents in her daily life. My goal was to capture her in her natural environment to provide her clients and potential readers with a sense of her life and energy. We had many adventures along the way, including my first experience of shooting from a kayak on a volcanic lake!

As always I feel so honored to be invited into a client's life and heart. I will always treasure this trip and the opportunity to connect with and co-create with such a wonderful woman and her beautiful family!