New Beginnings

a journal page about not playing small anymore.

new beginnings
new beginnings
No more holding back ~Be reckless
Tell Your Love To Everybody. ~ Rumi

Oh Rumi! This man’s words always speak to my soul, but somehow these really got me today. It is Christmas Eve, AND we are in the solstice new moon. For me it is a perfect time to ponder new beginnings…or shall I say new openings. I think that most people who don’t know me very well would think that I am living out loud and holding nothing back. Those that do know me well, however, know that I have a very annoying tendency to make myself small. I think I share this habit with many women. Tara Mohr  has devoted her life to supporting women in instead, PLAYING BIG (please go get her new book of the same title ASAP). In reading her book, and then having this quote hit me square in the face this morning, I am realizing how much I still hold myself back for the perceived comfort of others. “Why would you do that?” my friend incredulously asked me the other day. I actually couldn’t answer, and when I dug deep, all I came up with was this familiar feeling that I am “too much” and I should tone myself down so that others can feel more at ease around me. When I look at the people who surround me, whether in my life or online, however, I can see that this does not apply at all. I can see that this is an old story, that was never even MY story, but one sung to me by various adults in my life when I was a child. The truth is, that when I look at what I really want to create in my life, I want to be surrounded by people who are living large in their own lives and supporting me in doing the same. So here is to new beginnings, no more holding back and PLAYING BIG (and not apologizing for doing so)!