Portraits in Arizona. My Sweet Taylor!

I have known this amazing young woman since she was born. Her Mama and I have been best friends since we were 12. My love runs deep for this one, and I am so honored to be able to capture some portraits for her as she embarks upon her new life as a college student. It has been a fun few days hanging out in my old stomping grounds with old wonderful friends. This shoot is one of three sacred portrait sessions I am doing here, and has been the icing on the cake of an already amazing couple of days. Taylor picked the first location herself, and I was so grateful because it was a very cool spot. Its called Agritopia, and is an "urban farm" in Gilbert. It used to be a family farm and is now an amazing community resource. I picked our 2nd location, which was on the side of a road and in a run off gutter nearby filled with cool rocks-typical!! Yes, I am always luring my clients into these strange places full of color and texture! That's why my sessions are always an adventure!