Miss O's Portraits in Arizona

Olivia is one of those kids that has seemed beyond her years since the day she was born. When you meet her you wonder how old she really is, and then when you find out, you wonder how a senior in high school can have such a self possession and grace that escapes most adults I know. She inspires those around her with her wisdom, peaceful confidence and unique adventurous spirit. I feel so honored to have known here since she was born (her Mom has been one of my bestfriends since we were 13). This sacred portrait session is to honor her transition from high school to college. It was one of a few I did in Phoenix this week. It seems that whenever I visit Phoenix these days that the rains decide to come. Given that I was only there for a few days, this posed an interesting challenge for me. I HAD to shoot no matter what, so we made it work. We went in search of cool window light and overhangs. Olivia's mom was my trusty assistant following me around with a giant umbrella. I definitely put the weather proofing on my camera gear to the test. At the end of the day, we were all loving our adventure, and the shots that we got made it all worthwhile! I wish I could say here are a FEW, but, I just couldn't stop at a few.