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A Personal Branding Portrait Session celebrating Lily Wilson's album release!

Lily is a talented singer, songwriter whom I have had the pleasure of knowing for many years. We never get to spend quite enough time together, so needless to say I was thrilled to be able to spend an afternoon with her capturing some images for her new EP that is due out any time now! Her beautiful voice matches her luminous presence.

Harmony Scott Jewelry Design. Portraits of the ladies.

Last year we started the annual Goddess shoot featuring local women wearing Harmony's inspired designs. This year Harmony's idea was to have her lovely employees and friends wearing her designs in their way, showing their unique style. The idea was to show how versatile her pieces are. One can wear them anywhere from a formal event to working out. I personally wear Harmony's designs in all f these settings. I have been friends (and a collector of her pieces) with Harmony for over 20 years, and have witnessed her grow tremendously as a person, a business woman and an artist. Each piece has a unique energy and vibe and can also be combined to create even more of the same. I hope you enjoy seeing all of the ways that her lovely ladies have combined her beautiful masterpieces. We had the best day tromping around the forests and streams of Aspen to create these images. I cannot even begin to adequately express what an honor it is to work with Harmony and her amazing right hand women. It was a true collaboration!

The Beautiful and Many Faceted Trevi. A Portrait Session in Venice, CA

I have known Trevi for many years, and have always been amazed by her passion and honesty. She is a beautiful person in every way. She is an entrepreneur, mama and all around stunning human being! We had a great day wandering around Venice, CA for her sacred portrait session. She wanted some images for her various business ventures and websites. I think we got a great cross section of her many layered skill set and multi-faceted self!

Harmony Scott Jewelry Designs. Aspen Goddess Portrait Session

This was one of my favorite shoots all year! Harmony of Harmony Scott Jewelry Designs organized a portrait session in Aspen with a handful of her lovely friends and employees. Everyone showed up in an outfit that made them feel feminine and beautiful. Harmony then bejeweled us all in her gorgeous and timeless designs. The most interesting part of the day for me was that I was still on crutches. I was recovering from achilles tendon surgery. My ladies took good care of me though following me around with my gear, a glass of wine and anything else I might need. It was a fabulous afternoon in the mountainson a perfect Colorado summer day! I feel grateful for all of these lovely women, some of whom I have known for years and some that I met that day. Here they are in all of their loveliness.......

Beautiful Jenny! Dallas Portrait Photography.

Jenny is a beautiful soul that I am lucky enough to learn from every week. She is such an inspiration to me, which is why I take her yoga classes whenever I get the chance! I feel blessed to know her and was so excited when she asked me to take her portraits. We did a combo head shot, portrait and yoga pose session down in the arts district! It was very fun. She was SUCH a trooper despite the cold temperature!

Portraits for a Lovely Young Lady! Waimea, Big Island, Hawaii

Pearl is going to be a famous actor one day... mark my words! She has been telling her mom for years (and mind you she is only 11!!!) that this is what she is meant to do. I believe her, and if you met her in person you would too! It was fun to do a second set of head shots for her while I was on the Big Island last week. She is heading to LA soon, and I am sure we will be hearing about her! I also got the pleasure of shooting some portraits for her lovely sister. I always have the best time with this family! We shot all over Waimea town and ended up at an old warehouse which I fell in love with on this last trip.

Miss O's Portraits in Arizona

Olivia is one of those kids that has seemed beyond her years since the day she was born. When you meet her you wonder how old she really is, and then when you find out, you wonder how a senior in high school can have such a self possession and grace that escapes most adults I know. She inspires those around her with her wisdom, peaceful confidence and unique adventurous spirit. I feel so honored to have known here since she was born (her Mom has been one of my bestfriends since we were 13). This sacred portrait session is to honor her transition from high school to college. It was one of a few I did in Phoenix this week. It seems that whenever I visit Phoenix these days that the rains decide to come. Given that I was only there for a few days, this posed an interesting challenge for me. I HAD to shoot no matter what, so we made it work. We went in search of cool window light and overhangs. Olivia's mom was my trusty assistant following me around with a giant umbrella. I definitely put the weather proofing on my camera gear to the test. At the end of the day, we were all loving our adventure, and the shots that we got made it all worthwhile! I wish I could say here are a FEW, but, I just couldn't stop at a few.

Amy's Sacred Portrait Session in Deep Ellum!

Amy is one of those people that makes you feel alive when you are around her. Her energy and joy are contagious, and I appreciate her so much! She is a total go getter and has her own business called Solutions from A to Z and she will whip your life into shape in any number of ways! Call her, you'll see what I mean. I am grateful that she trusted me with a very important portrait session commemorating a big transformation in her life!!

Modeling Portfolio Photos in Virginia

I had a great trip to Virginia to photograph this lovely young lady (who happens to be my cool step sister) for her modeling agency comp card. She needed a variety of looks including head shots and full length shots. I love doing portrait photography sessions like this, because we got to try out a bunch of different looks. We also had to shoot mid-day, so it was a fun challenge for me to find just the right light in our outdoor locations!

Jessica's Senior Portraits in Las Colinas

This lovely girl just stole my heart. She is just so full of enthusiasm and grace. She had the most adorable outfits and the best attitude to go along with it all! I had such a great time with she and her mom. I am so grateful that I had the opportunity to meet them and to shoot these fun senior portraits. I have chosen a few of my favorites, but man was that hard!