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Lavinia Errico :: A Personal Branding Session in Malibu

I had the most wonderful time shooting with Lavinia for a half day up in her gorgeous home in Malibu. Lavinia needed some new shots for her website as well as social media and headshots. She is on a mission to help people lead more fulfilled, balanced, and joyful lives. She certainly walks her talk! We spent the day cruising around her amazing home and the surrounding area. Everything about Lavinia seems mindful and on purpose. She emanates grace, strength and warmth, and I felt immediately welcome and at ease around her. I am so grateful to meet strong women like Lavinia who are out in the world using their gifts and strengths to empower others! What an inspiration!

A Beautiful Portrait Session in Marina Del Rey

Stacy and I know each other through the sailing community, and I was very excited that she wanted to hire me for a portrait session. I am getting to know this wonderful woman, and as I do, I am inspired by her ways. She has a clear, kind and thoughtful communication style that sets me at ease, and her authenticity shines thorough and through! I love when my friends become clients and my clients become friends! I am so grateful for these connections!

Krystyna :: A Dallas Portrait Session

Krystyna is a lifelong entrepreneur and a deeply creative soul. She has had many different adventures in her career, and currently is the steward of a wonderful ranch in Texas. It turns out she and I are kindred spirits, which, of course, our friend Madeline knew when she introduced us and suggested we work together. We are both nature girls, adventurers and sailors, with a drive to do everything outside the box! I didn’t have nearly enough time to talk with her, but i am sure that our paths will cross again. She is a true inspiration!

Dallas Portrait Sessions :: Taylor Seideman

Taylor is a kids yoga teacher. She is passionate about making yoga and mindfulness practice accessible to kids. She connects organizations with yoga teachers so that their kids can have this opportunity. Her organization, Yogees holds this mission at its core. She is a hoot to spend time with and has a laugh that reverberates in my heart still! I was so happy to meet her and get to capture some portraits for her on my recent trip to Dallas.

Beautiful Erin :: A Personal Branding Portrait Session

I loved working with Erin, because she was so willing to show up and be seen. No matter where we adventured or what I asked her to do, she was gung ho, and so open. Her sparkly eyes and infectious smile kept me feeling so inspired and joyful. Working with Erin was a true pleasure! I was so honored that she asked me to capture some portraits for her at this powerful time of her life!

Lovely Jessica :: A Portrait Session in Marina Del Rey

Jessica Headey-Gandolfi is a writer. She is currently publishing a children’s book, and has a fantastic blog. I met Jessica, because she and my dear friend Teresa (who I have also had the pleasure of photographing), invited me to be a guest on their podcast, Hiking in Heals. I instantly felt drawn to her bright and charismatic personality, and was thrilled that she hired me to do a personal branding portrait session. We had the most beautiful experience laughing and traipsing around Marina Del Rey for our session! One of the things I love the most about working with women like Jessica, is the life-long friendships that are formed. I ams o grateful!

Trina Hall :: A Sacred Portrait Session Honoring Her 40th Birthday!

I am so honored that Trina trusted me to do a sacred portrait session honoring her 40th birthday. Trina admitted to me that she has been feeling insecure lately, and that the thought of having her photo take was making her feel really uncomfortable. We spent a lot of time talking about her feelings, and what she wanted to feel when she looked at her images. She wanted to feel seen and understood, and she wanted to be able to see her own beauty in a new way. She wanted to be able to see and honor herself exactly where she is. Our session was pure magic! The trust that she placed in me inspired me to treat each moment with reverence and care. I always do this, but somehow it felt more tender this time because if what she shared with me before our portrait session. As our session progressed, I could see and feel Trina settling into the radiant light and beauty that the rest of us see all the time. She embodied her power and all of the facets of her beautiful self. I am so grateful for my work because I get to connect deeply with women who want to embody their power and beauty in new ways all the time. What a blessing! Thank you Trina for trusting me!

Lovely Teresa! A Personal Branding Portrait Session in Malibu

Meet Teresa Coltrin of Let Go Live Coaching!! When I first met Teresa, I knew we were meant to be in each other’s lives! She is a radiant light, who bestows healing just by being in her presence! She is committed to help people overcome their inner critic, and does so with people of many backgrounds and experiences with gentle and confident guidance. She is a young woman who is wise beyond her years and uses her own healing journey as a way to support others. She always blows me away with her deep loving presence, and inner strength. Teresa needed some personal branding portraits for her website and marketing materials, and I was so excited to get to spend a half day with her in her beautiful live/work space in Pacific Palisades, CA shooting and getting to know each other!